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Team 7-1

  • Welcome the new Salk MS Team 7-1 website!


    Mission Statement: Team 7-1 will prepare all students for success in the dynamic and globalized world. By gaining new technology and communication skills, students will be empowered to reach their full potential.

    Our goal is to make this website not just a tool for us, as the teachers, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and a resource for the students. 
    Team 7-1
    Science: Ms. Szwalek (7-1-A) e-mail
    English Language Arts:  Mrs. Greenwood "Filosa" (7-1-B) e-mail
    Social Studies:  Mr. Garrison (7-1-C) e-mail
    Mathematics:  Mrs. Whitford (7-1-D) E-mail
    English Language Arts:  Ms. Hopf (7-1-E) E-mail
    The homework assignments listed on this website are a SECONDARY resource for our students.  Primarily, students must write down their homework assignments during each class in their agenda books, which the school purchased for each student. Students are responsible for writing down the assignments in class.




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