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    Any student who is present in school for any portion of the day needs to show each teacher the work for that day and obtain the work for the following day.
    You will be held accountable as if you were in class.

    Mission Statement

    Utilizing a multi-sensory approach, Team 8-2 will empower all students to work collaboratively as we inspire self motivation, promote sensitivity to individual differences while preparing students for emergence into an ever-changing global society. 

    Teaching Team:

       8-2A Mrs. Langan klangan@obps.org - Science

    Mrs. Coughlin dcoughlin@obps.org - Science


    8-2B Mrs. Monteleone amonteleone@obps.org - Language Arts 

    Mrs. Borre vborre@obps.org - Language Arts    

     8-2C Mrs. Livoti  blivoti@obps.org - Social Studies

    Mrs. Mikrut - Social Studies

    8-2D Mrs. Kelly kkelly@obps.org - Math

    Mr. Goldheimer jgoldheimer@obps.org -Math         


    8-2E Language Arts Mrs. Henry ehenry@obps.org - Language Arts



    We hope you have an amazing year!!