Business Careers

  • 2019-2020               Career Exploration

                                                    Let's explore the world of work!              Graduation ..then what?                What will you do after graduation?

    Learn how a business operates and understand the important relationship between business and community.

    You will learn about job readiness, resumes, interviews and how to look for a career area suited to your talents & abilities. You will also gain an understanding of the financial world around you. Bank accounts, credit & debit, insurance and investing will be explored to assist you in making sound financial decisions in your future.


    Students will learn about entrepreneurship; starting, financing and operating their own business.

    Career speakers will be coming to class to share their occupational expertise, real-world stories, educational and employee requirements.

    We will complete job applications, interviews and learn critical consumer skills.

    Business Careers will offer career comparisons and teach students what to look for when selecting a career area based on their personal interests and abilities.dream

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