Elementary Summer Math Assignments

  • Elementary School  (Intended for students entering Grades 3, 4 and 5 as of September 2019) 


    Dear Parent(s)/Guardians and Students: 


    In preparation for the upcoming school year, the “Elementary” level summer math assignments will provide the necessary practice for your child to be “ready” for the expectations of his/her new grade level. Each assignment is reflective of the topics covered using the enVisionmath program this past school year. It is a cumulative review intended for your child to maintain and/or reinforce the prerequisite skills essential for his/her future success in mathematics. 


    It has been our experience to witness upon return to school in September, that many prerequisite mathematical skills are lost due to the absence of regular practice over the summer.  The loss of these skills may contribute to unnecessary frustration and possible lack of success for students as they begin their next level of mathematical study in the new school year. Retaining skills as students move up to the next grade level is crucial to their academic performance. 


    For this reason, a summer assignment has been provided for the following grade levels: Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5. Please keep in mind that the summer assignments are for the grade level the students will be attending in September 2019; his/her newly promoted grade level.  If your student is entering Grade 3-5 in September, then the summer assignment will be listed under the “Elementary School” section of the Summer Assignments.  For current Grade 5 students entering Grade 6 in September, the assignment will be listed under the “Middle School” section of the Summer Assignments.


    Students with their parents should follow the link below for the student’s appropriate grade level. Kindly print a copy of the assignment for the student to answer as many questions as possible, showing all work. An answer key is also provided so that he/she may identify skills that may require further practice. 


    Upon entering the new grade level in September, your child should bring his/her completed assignment to the classroom teacher. This sample of your child’s understanding of prerequisite skills will be filed in his/her student portfolio to be used as a resource to guide instruction and ensure mastery of content. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this grade level assignment. It will not be graded but will be used to support your child’s mathematical instruction. 


    If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Math Supervisor, Dr. Jean Ferrara at jean.ferrara@obps.org or call 732-290-3900, ext. 3706.