High School Summer Math Assignments



    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: 


    As academic standards become more rigorous, the OBHS Math Department has provided our students opportunities to be successful in their next math course of study. This entails that a student be able to demonstrate and communicate an in-depth understanding of the topics they have formerly learned in mathematics. Our goal is not only to have the students master a particular skill, but also be able to apply these skills in real-life situations.


    It has been our experience to witness upon return to school in September, that many pre-requisite mathematical skills are lost due to the absence of regular practice over the summer. The loss of these pertinent skills may contribute to unnecessary frustration and possible lack of success for students as they begin their next level of mathematical study in the new school year. Retaining certain skills as students move from one math course to another is very crucial to their academic performance.


    For these reasons, a summer assignment has been prepared for all current eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students ENTERING any of the following classes in September:


    • Algebra I   (CP and Honors) *** Students entering this class must also complete the packet on Probability, Combinations and Permutations   together with Algebra I assignment.
    • Geometry (CP and Honors)                  
    • Algebra II (CP and Honors)               
    • Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry    
    • Pre-calculus (CP and Honors)
    • Calculus (Honors, AP/AB, AP/BC)
    • College Algebra


    Please Note: Summer assignments are intended for the class that students will be attending next year (2019-2020), not the class that they have attended this year.


    To Access the Summer Assignment:

    Students should go to the link for “Summer Assignments” posted on the Old Bridge District Website or on the OBHS Math home page. The student will need to complete the summer assignment indicated for the mathematics course(s) in which they are enrolled for September 2019. Teachers will expect that all work is completed before the first class period of the year. The first test of the year will be based on the topics from this summer work; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to complete these assignments. Please note that this test will be administered on Friday, September 13, 2019.


    If possible, students are encouraged to purchase a graphing calculator (TI 84Plus) that they will be use throughout their 4 years as a high school student. This resource supports instruction and prepares students for the expectations presented on both the NJSLA for Math and SAT or ACT exams. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Math Supervisor, Dr. Jean Ferrara at jean.ferrara@obps.org or call 732-290-3900, ext. 3706.