• Spelling Homework


    Monday - Write your words three times each

    Tuesday - Write your words in alphabetical order

    Wednesday - Write seven sentences using seven of your spelling words

    Thursday - Complete your Practice Spelling Test


    Spelling homework should be completed in your child's Spelling Notebook except

    Thursday Practice Spelling Test should be returned in their folder

    Spelling Test on Friday


    Spelling Notebooks are due every Friday

    Spelling List---Long A---ay and ai

    1. pay
    2. tray
    3. clay
    4. hay
    5. gray
    6. away
    7. crayon
    8. always
    9. wait
    10. paint
    11. train
    12. pail
    13. plain
    14. stain
    15. drain


     Check your child's homework sheet for daily homework assignment

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