• Extra Credit


    There are a variety of opportunities for Extra Credit that will be presented throughout the marking period. The most common form of E.C. will be at the end of tests and quizzes for which you can gain an extra point or two on that particular assessment.


    The rolling extra credit for each marking period is the “Making Connections” assignment detailed below. I’m also always open to new E.C. ideas throughout each marking period, but I will not be assigning any opportunities the last two weeks before the end of each quarter.  




    MAKING CONNECTIONS is an opportunity for you to earn extra credit each marking period. Connecting our learning to our lives is what school should be all about. During the course of the year, we will be studying many different types of literature, vocabulary, and grammar that are relevant to today’s world. Items of current interest that may appear in the news, on a television show, in a magazine, on the radio, or in another reading selection, may be associated with something studied in class.


    Your connection can be anything you feel is relevant. You make the connection (in a typed or neatly handwritten statement) explaining whatever you submit (such as a newspaper article, poem, song, etc.) You may be called upon in class to explain your connection. You may submit two (2) connections per marking period and must be the first person to submit an idea to receive credit. Connections will be accepted up to, but not including, the last two weeks of each marking period. I will announce due dates.




    -You are watching a movie that incorporates a symbol and meaning that we analyzed in class.  In a detailed paragraph, expalin what you were watching, what the symbol is and what it means, and how it connects to what we learned in class.

    -You are reading a book or newspaper and come across a headline that has a grammatical error in it, such as a misspelled word or the wrong form of a verb. If you bring that clip in and attach it to an explanation of the error and how you know it's a mistake, that is an excellent “connection.”

    -You encounter a vocabulary word in something you're reading or watching.  In a detailed paragraph, copy the sentence with the vocabulary word and explain its meaning using the context clues.