Adapted from: Molly Sands, Yahoo Contributor Network

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    Highly Successful High School Students Are Organized

    The successful high school student's papers are not all over the place, but instead has dated them and/or written a heading on it that will help him easily identify the paper when he needs to access it.   A successful high school student should also have a place where she can keep track of daily assignments, test dates, and other extra curricular activities, such as club meetings, practices or athletic competitions. Student planners are fantastic!


    Highly Successful High School Students Ask Questions

    Questions to clarify assignments...Questions about difficult concepts...Questions about how the material applies to life...Questions about where to get more answers...And more, and more, and more questions! Successful high school students use questions to create an education that is customized to what they need in life. So, raise your hand, or stop by in the morning or after school and ASK!


    Highly Successful High School Students Have Support

    Whether it is a parent, another trusted adult, or a friend that is a phone call or text – LOL! away, successful high school students have someone they can turn to when they need help with an assignment or just need someone to talk to about the stresses of school life. Successful high school students should also have a ‘study-buddy’ to keep in contact with when they are absent.   Playing ‘catch-up’ in any class after an absence is a stressful, arduous task. Always keep up with daily assignments by contacting your study buddy, or the guidance office and have a friend or relative bring home the work for you.


    Highly Successful High School Students Focus on Learning, Not Grades

    At the end of a homework assignment or study session, a highly successful high school student feels that she is successful because she comprehends the material. The end goal of studying should not be to solely achieve a good grade, but should be motivated by an intrinsic desire to learn. Successful high school students attend help sessions beyond class time to reinforce a lesson, get started on homework, or to prepare for an upcoming assessment.


    Highly Successful High School Students Read Independently

    School doesn't teach everything you need to know. The most successful students read on their own, at least 30 minutes a day. Any type of reading works, whether it is a novel for fun, articles in their favorite magazine, or an online news site. Students are encouraged to carry a book, especially on the day of an assessment so that they may read it, should they finish early.


    Highly Successful High School Students Are Well-Mannered

    Polite people get things done and win allies for the long term in their high school career and in life. From help on homework, to getting a letter of recommendation, to getting a foot in the door for a future career, successful high school students know that their good manners now, will have people lining up to help them later on down the road. Successful high school students should exude respect for themselves and others.


    Highly Successful High School Students Have Fun in School

    There's more to school than class, homework, and lunch. The most successful high school students are involved in a few extra curricular-activities, including clubs, sports, community service, and student government. Old Bridge High School has 62 clubs & activities, as well as 28 athletic teams.