• Respect and follow all expectations for class and school.

    Take responsibility for your education.

    Do not rely solely on parents, teachers or friends. 

    They may guide or help you, but it is you that must do the work.

    Hard work breeds success. Make a commitment to excellence.



    The number of days you have to make up work

    is equivalent to the number of days you were absent

    Homework is a tool used to reinforce or enhance learning. 

    Missed homework assignments will undoubtedly be reflected in poor grades on quizzes and/or tests. 

    You will have homework every night.  We will go over homework every day.


    Grading Policy

    It is your responsibility to continually check the portal and be familiar with your current average.

    All assessments are returned to students once they have been logged into the portal.


    Grade Evaluation:

                      Honors                CP

    Quizzes           30%                   30% 

    HW/PROJ         15%                   25%

                            Tests            55%                   45%                     


    All grades will be based on 5 to 50 point scale. Extra Credit will be offered at my discretion at the end of a test or quiz.

    Extra credit could be a problem from a previous chapter, or a more challenging problem from the current chapter.

    It is your choice to pursue extra credit when it is given. Never ask for it.


    Disciplinary Action will be taken for the following:

    Not following directions


    Inappropriate behavior

    Incomplete or unacceptable assignment

    Violation of school expectations 


    Above all else: Treat others as you would like to be treated.