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Old Bridge Response to Intervention (RTI)

Welcome to Old Bridge Public School's Response to Intervention website!

In order to better address the needs of our students, the Old Bridge Public School district utilizes a Response to Intervention (RTI) model. RTI is a framework designed to provide educational support to struggling students. It is most commonly used to address learning challenges in reading and mathematics but is also applicable to social and emotional/behavioral needs. Initial screening assessments are administered to all students and intervention plans are developed for any student not meeting grade-level expectations. Interventions may take place within the classroom or outside of the classroom depending on the level and nature of support required. Our teachers, interventionists, and paraprofessionals provide a variety of data-based/evidence informed interventions to ensure each student’s success. Progress is regularly monitored to guide decision-making about instruction throughout the school year.  Please review the attached resources located through the links below for more information. 

The Old Bridge Public School District’s RTI model uses a three-tier model:

  • Tier 1- Classroom teachers will use a variety of strategies within the core curriculum to address individual instructional needs within the classroom. 
  • Tier 2- Based on assessment data, students who continue to struggle in Tier 1 will be provided additional research-based interventions inside or outside of the classroom. Interventionist teachers will monitor student progress.
  • Tier 3- Students who continue to struggle in Tier 2 will receive more intensive evidence-based interventions. .ui-widget-detail ul { margin-left:5px; }

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