• Citizenship

      Being a good citizen means you are a positive part of a community.

      A person who is a good citizen:

      • does his/her share to make his/her school, community and the world a better place
      • participates in community activities and is a good neighbor
      • follows family values and the rules of his/her school and society


      Having respect means you value yourself and others.

      A person who is respectful:

      • is courteous and polite to all people
      • listens to what other people have to say
      • conducts him/herself with dignity and pride


      Being a responsible person means that you are in charge of your actions.

      A person who is responsible:

      • creates and maintains a safe living environment
      • is reliable and dependable
      • thinks before he/she acts and always imagines the consequences


      Being trustworthy means other people can trust you.

      A person who is trustworthy:

      • is honest and never lies, steals or cheats
      • always keeps his/her promises
      • is courageous enough to do what is right, even though it may be difficult


      Being fair means you treat each person or situation equally or justly.

      A person who is fair:

      • plays by the rules and is not a sore-loser
      • thinks about how his/her actions will affect others
      • doesn't play favorites


      Being caring means you treat others lovingly.

      A person who is caring:

      • treats others with kindness and generosity
      • is sensitive to people's feelings and is never mean or hurtful