Ms. Helen Thompson



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English BA in social studies BA in education MA in reading

Ms. Helen Thompson

I’m anxious about starting another school year at Carl Sandburg. This is my tenth year teaching 6th grade (17th year in total), and I am really excited to get started! I should share a little about my background. I was born the first girl of five children to a family in Spring Lake, NJ. I went to H.W. Mountz Elementary School, a small school with only 14 kids in the whole grade! I have lived almost all my life in New Jersey, even staying in state to go to The College of New Jersey. After college, I started my teaching career in Hawaii. Hawaii was the first true experience away from New Jersey. I taught 8th grade in Pearl Harbor for 3 years, then moved back to New Jersey, got married, bought a house, and had children- Jack, who's 8 and James, who turned 4 a week ago.

In college I couldn’t decide between my two favorite subjects, history and English, so I majored in both! I also majored in education which allows people to become teachers. I received my master’s degree in Reading. As far as my teaching approach, I like to focus on process, deconstruct stories, make a lot of predictions, and show students that they are much smarter than they sometimes give themselves credit for. 

Outside of school I have several interests. Growing up I played a lot of softball, baseball, swimming, soccer, basketball and enjoyed singing, acting, dancing, babysitting, playing the flute in band, and pretty much anything that kept me outside until Mom whistled for dinner (notice I didn’t say reading- that came MUCH later). On most fall weekends, you’ll notice me wearing red in support of Rutgers football. I will be attending all of the home games with my season tickets. I also wear Big Blue on Sundays (sorry Eagles fans) in support of the Giants and Yankees. Of course, I also like to read…seriously. I like it even more than an English teacher should. I like to hike and listen to music like Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Killers. I love my big family, and sometimes can’t think when it is silent. When I eat out, I prefer small diners and little bistros rather than big, fancy restaurants. Watching outdoor movies while eating popcorn is also a great thrill. I still like roller coasters and thrill rides, love adventures and discovering new vacation spots. I spent my summer entertaining my sons at the park, in mommy groups, going for walks, swimming, and watching TV. My favorite shows are Homeland, Rizzoli & Iles, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory.

I’m looking forward to this year!