2009 - 2010 Teacher Evaluation System

  • Introduction

    Based on Federal Requirements, for states receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds program, all school districts in New Jersey have developed procedures on how teachers, principals and vice principals are evaluated. This information is being provided to the Public and will assist you in understanding the Old Bridge Township policies and procedures for evaluating the professional staff.

    Section 1. Description of Teacher Evaluation System

    The Old Bridge Board of Education believes the purpose of evaluation incorporates effective teaching, improvement of student cognitive skills and growth, instruction, planning and preparation as well as focusing on decisions that may impact assignment, salary, and reemployment. The evaluation process also includes pre and post conferencing, non-instructional duties, along with relevant areas that enhance professional growth and development.

    The evaluation process is aligned to the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers. Tenured teachers all have one formal observation and an evaluation while non-tenure teachers have three formal observations, a mid-year evaluation and final evaluation. The overall process is quite thorough since it includes planning, classroom management and organization, instructional strategies, student participation and assessments.

    In addition teachers plan and develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) to evaluate their professional learning with the professional learning communities where teachers interact through workshops, conferences and meetings among their peers.

    All tenured and non-tenured teachers are formally evaluated by certified district administrators. Non-tenured teachers are provided with a multitude of support designed to enhance their success through mentoring and district workshops.

    Those non-tenured individuals who fail to meet the Old Bridge Board of Education standards that reflect appropriate progress are not reemployed.

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