2009 - 2010 Principal Evaluation System

  • Introduction

    Based on federal requirements for states receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program, all school districts in New Jersey have developed procedures on how teachers, Principals and Vice Principals are evaluated. This information is being provided to the public and will assist you in understanding the Old Bridge Township policies and procedures for evaluating the professional staff.

    Section 1. Description of Principal Evaluation System

    The Old Bridge School District certified principals are evaluated in accordance with state laws and regulations as well as Board Policy and regulations. The Board of Education strongly believes Principals must identify areas for their own professional development that will advance the school towards its goals. Therefore, the aim of the overall evaluation for Principals focuses on student learning, staff development, instructional and non-instructional duties and other responsibilities such as creating a Professional Learning Community with the school staff to encourage and develop educational growth and development.

    The evaluation process is aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders. Additional administrative responsibilities are also evaluated such as budgets; staff scheduling, community relations, physical plant maintenance as well as progress made towards district and school goals. Principals are also involved in a self directed Professional Growth Plan (PGP) that focuses on school-wide initiatives, assessments and objectives to enhance overall school performance.

    All tenured and non-tenured Principals are formally evaluated in accordance with NJAC 6A:32-4. Non-tenured Principals are scheduled for three formal observations, a mid-year evaluation and final evaluation. Non-tenured Principals are provided with Professional workshops and support through a mentoring program. 

    Section 2. Evaluation Outcomes Tables   


    SY 2009-2010

    Number of principals meeting the district’s criteria for acceptable performance

    Number of principals in district

    Percent of principals in district meeting these criteria