OBHS Scholarship

  • Goals


    The Old Bridge High School Scholarship Committee is committed to recognizing and encouraging, students of Old Bridge who have contributed to the Old Bridge community.  Students who will be considered for a scholarship will have made contributions ranging from academic excellence, the display of specialized talents, to involvement in the school and broader community.  Each student recognized, will have in some way made a positive impact on the community and will be recognized for that contribution.


    The committee works, through a fair process, to award as many scholarships as possible to a variety of exemplary students.  In order to be eligible for faculty consideration, students must apply to the scholarship committee.  The committee is made up of a cross section of the faculty with additional input from administration and community donors.  Individual students may receive additional scholarships from agencies outside the selection process of the OBHS scholarship committee. 


    The committee can only achieve its goal of student recognition with the generous support and contributions made by community members, local businesses, school fundraising, and philanthropic foundations.  If you are interested in becoming a donor download our donor letter.