Teens Create High School App at No Cost to District

  • Several Old Bridge High School students created an iPhone and Android app at no cost to the Board of Education that will be used by students, staff, and parents at one of the state’s larger high schools. 


    While other districts have spent tens of thousands of dollars on similar apps, the updated OBHS app, Old Bridge High School Next Gen, includes a bell schedule, announcements, and Realtime access to Naviance and the parent portal. It also lets students know how many minutes are left in a class period.


    Lead designer Daniil Grodskiy, a senior, said they also plan to expand its content to include newspaper articles written by Knight Life staff and a photo gallery of school events.


    At the reveal on Oct. 30, Grodskiy told students, teachers, and administrators that the next generation app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play at no cost by searching OBHS app.


    Grodskiy, along with junior Dean Chumash and senior Altin Marku, began working on the new Old Bridge High School app in March.


    “It’s amazing what students at OBHS can do,” said computer science teacher Vito Cangelosi, who initiated the project.


    Grodskiy said he wanted to work on a new app because he loves to code. In addition,

    Chumash and Marku are currently working on adding a map of the school to the site.


    “It’s not 100 percent finished,” said Grodskiy, adding that the map of school will be accessible only to those with a school identification and password. “We are currently addressing security and mapping.”


    Brandon Merola, senior, designed the logo for the new app; it consists of two knights facing one other.


    “It seemed like it looked good,” Merola said, adding; if you look closely one knight is located behind the other.