• Digital Resources for Teachers

    Tools to use for Digital Student Assessment


    Digital assessments can be used to assess students throughout the learning process, provide them with immediate feedback, support their growth from the feedback given, and motivate them to participate in conversation either digitally or in person regarding their assessment results.


    Below are digital resources that can be used to provide cross-curricular assessments as well as offer options for different types of question choices and levels of difficulty:


    Interactive Lessons:

    When students are using interactive lessons online, they become active participants in their own learning. These tools use a slide-show presentation style in which students can create their own content and/or respond to questions that will provide teachers with valuable feedback on the instruction provided.


    Name of Digital Tool           Website Link                Grades Recommended  

    Nearpod                               Nearpod Web Site         K-12

    Seesaw                                 Seesaw Web Site            K-8

    Pear Deck                            Pear Deck Web Site       4-12

    Classkick                             Classkick Web Site         K-12

    Padlet                                   Padlet Web Site              K-12



    Game-Show Style Tools:

    These tools will engage students in game-like activities that will assess their knowledge.


     Name of Digital Tool          Website Link                Grades Recommended

    Kahoot                                Kahoot Web Site             K-12

    Quizizz                                Quizizz Web Site             K-12

    Quizlet Live                        Quizlet Web Site            6-12    



    Video Assessment Tools:   

    The first tool provides students with the opportunity to record their own videos to "show what they know."

    The second tool allows teachers to turn videos into assessment tools by adding questions, in the form of true/false, multiple choice and open-ended. The tool will also grade the true/false and multiple choice questions.


    Name of Digital Tool           Website Link                Grades Recommended

    FlipGrid                                FlipGrid Web Site           K-12

    EdPuzzle                              EdPuzzle Web Site         3-12




    Teachers can create quizzes that differentiate content, incorporate multimedia and personalize student feedback.


    Name of Digital Tool          Website Link                  Grades Recommended

    Formative                          Formative Web Site          3-12    

    Socrative                            Socrative Web Site           3-12