• Journeys
    In class we will aim to focus on one Journey's lesson a week.
    This will include learning and reviewing reading strategies, skills and vocabulary through three stories.
    Whole group- anchor text, Independent- a paired text *HW* and Small Group- guided reading book
    We will be writing, a lot! We will focus on narratives, informative writing and opinion writing.
    We will also write notes, poems, reflections, letters and more!
    Spelling & Grammar
    Each week your child will receive a new spelling list. Please practice these words at home and review the phonics skill/rules.
     We will be using a new math program this year! More information to follow!

    Our Envisions and Journeys books can be found online!

    Students will be given personal log-ins and passwords. You will be able to find this information in their agenda.

































    It is important for students to read nightly and find books they are interested in!
    Try looking at books from different genres to find books your child will enjoy.

    When choosing a book, please remember the 5 finger rule!
    Here is a way to tell if the book is right for you:
    1. Open to a page of the book.
    2. Begin reading.
    3. Each time you come to a word you don’t know, hold up 1 finger.
    4. After you finish reading the page, check to see how many fingers you are holding up.
    Too Easy: 0 - 1 fingers, Just Right: 2 - 3 fingers, Too Hard: 4 - 5 fingers

    Computer Skills
    Practice typing and using tools on word documents, power points and other programs. Use iPads, apps, websites, too. 

    Master Multiplication
    Please begin and continue to practice multiplication facts nightly. Most of the chapters in 3rd grade relate to multiplication in some way. If you choose to you can purchase multiplication flash cards at the dollar store. Flashcards are a great tool to help your child learn their facts.