OBHS Military Wall of Honor

  • A Military Wall of Honor dedicated to Old Bridge High School students who joined the armed forces after graduation is expected to be established this year. The school is in the process of identifying military alumni (active duty or reservists).


    The wall is meant to commemorate graduates who have given their lives to honor their country.


    “There is a lot of pressure to attend college after graduation, and most students feel they have to conform to that,” said Guy Lassen, history teacher. “There is a lot of stigma toward students who aim to enter the armed forces after high school, but college isn’t for everyone.”


    Lassen came up with the idea of establishing a Military Wall of Honor at Old Bridge after visiting his daughter’s high school, which had a wall dedicated to veteran alumni.


    “Old Bridge does a great job honoring athletes and scholars, but it seems no one honors kids who join the military after graduation,” said Lassen. “I want them to realize that it is an honorable thing.”


    “We need these students to know that we do care,” said Sally Fazio, vice principal. “Joining the armed forces saves a lot of kids. We hope that the wall will inspire other students to consider serving after high school.”


    “It seems that the younger generation may not appreciate veterans in a respectable way,” said Lassen.


    The memorial aims to shine a light on the importance of veterans within the Old Bridge community.


    “Veterans give a blank check to the United States government handing over their lives,” said Chief Master Sgt. Brian Kilpatrick. “We do this to preserve the freedoms of this country, and we are willing to die for the people of it. The hope is to open the eyes of students and influence them to consider joining.” 


    Residents are urged to assist with the project by spreading the word of the proposed military wall. The high school is looking for graduates from 1995 through the present.

    Nomination forms may be completed online at OBHS Military Wall of Honor Submission Form
    For any additional information, please contact Lassen at glassen@obps.org.