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  • Helpful Resources To Use For Class

    The websites shown below are helpful to use with homework, projects, or to practice skills.  There are two basic websites that you can use: Math-in-Focus and Study Island.

    Directions to access Math-in-Focus:

    1. Click on the title Think Central shown below, under "Related Links."

    2. You will be at the "Welcome to Think Central" page. Use the drop-down 
         menu and scroll down.

    3.Select from 3 drop down menus, the following information:

                    *State: NJ

                   *District: Old Bridge Twp. School Dist. Matawan 07747

                    *School: Old Bridge High School Matawan*

    PLEASE NOTE *The school name is Old Bridge High School, since the program needed a generic location, not one specific to an elementary or middle school. You may think that this information is an error since you are using a High School for elementary access, but it is correct.

              * Now type the User Name and Password

    This information is case sensitive so be sure to type in the user name and password with the correct capital and lower case letters.


    User Name: MIFstudent

    Password:   student

             *Now click Log In

    Once you open the "My Library" icon, your access to this site will provide you with options to select either Textbook A or B (grades 1-5) or Workbook A or B (grades K-5).

    Virtual Manipulatives is an added resource this year so that your child will have resource tools to support their understanding of mathematical concepts.



    Directions to access Study Island:

    1.  Click on the title, Study Island, shown below, under "Related Links."

    2. You will be at the home page for Study Island.

    3. You will need to enter your username and password, given to you by your
        classroom teacher.