Homework Contract

  • Homework Contract


    While I am in fifth grade, I will be expected to complete homework assignments on time. Homework assignments will include, but are not limited to: reading assignments, language arts assignments, spelling/vocabulary assignments, math assignments, science assignments, social studies assignment, and projects. It is EXPECTED that ALL assignments assigned WILL BE turned in on time! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy!




    1. All assignments are to be turned in on the due date.


    2. If an assignment is not turned in the day it is due, I will receive a zero (0), and I will not be given another opportunity to turn in the late assignment.


    3. My parents will be made aware of late assignments by receiving a Missing Assignment Slip after 3 missing assignments. The slip must be returned to the teacher by the following day, or

    I will move my behavior card to Green (refer to behavior policy).


    4. Once I have accumulated three (3) missing assignments I will work on any assignments that have not been completed (regardless if I receive a grade on the assignment or not) during recess.


    5. If I am sick, I will have three days to make-up my work for every day I am out (example: 2 days sick = 6 days to make-up work). If the work is not turned in after that time period, the homework policy goes into effect.


    I have read the homework policy, and I understand that I am responsible for turning all assigned work in on time. If I chose not to turn in my homework, then I know that I may have to miss recess. I will do my best to turn in all work that is assigned.


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