Classroom Jobs

  • Students in Mrs. Cruz Moran's 4th Grade class are demonstrating Responsibility in many ways. One of the ways students can demonstrate Responsibility is by applying for classroom jobs. All classroom jobs are listed below. Students fill out an "application." Once picked for a job, students are expected to complete their jobs. Those students that have successfully completed their jobs are paid their salary in "Monkey Money." Monkey Money is used to pay rent and utilities and can also be used toward the purchase of rewards in the classroom.




    Take a peek at our classroom jobs listed below!



    Fifth Grade Classroom Jobs




    Line Leader (1)

    One boy and one girl will lead the class to the designated locations throughout the school. He and she will let Mrs. Moran know when the class is ready to go. To apply for this job, you must have great communication skills.



    Line Ender (1)

    One boy and one girl will be at the end of the line to make sure no one is left behind. They will also turns the lights off as we leave the room. They will make sure everyone is in a straight line and facing forward as we are walking down the hallway. Students who apply for this job must be kind and understanding of others.



    Substitute Worker (1)

    This worker will take the place of anyone who is absent. He or she will take over the jobs and do them for the day. The student who applies for this job must learn all of the jobs in the classroom and be trustworthy.



    Messenger (1)

    This person will be in charge of taking messages to the office and other locations needed by the teacher. He/she will write down messages given over the intercom if necessary. Students need to demonstrate trustworthiness and organizational skills.



    Homework Monitor (1)

    This person will be in charge of writing down daily homework on the Homework Board. If a student is absent, he/she will collect any necessary papers and put together an absent folder. This student must have neat handwriting and be able to explain assignments to absent students.



    Computer Technician (1)

    This person will be in charge of turning on the computers in the morning and shutting them down in the afternoon. He/she will also turn on computers in the computer lab when needed. Needs to have a working knowledge of computers and programs to assist classmates with any questions they may have if the teacher is busy. When needed, he/she will also clean the screens and computer desks.



    Horticulturist (1)

    This student will water the classroom plant twice a week. He/she will make sure the plants look beautiful and are clean. Students must understand how to take care of plants.



    Work Monitors (2)

    These students will organize all papers by student number. They will inform Mrs. Moran of missing work. Must be responsible, organized and honest.



    Monkey Monitors (2)

    These students will check to see if the behavior sheets are signed. They will inform Mrs. Moran if behavior sheets are not turned in or signed. They will give Mrs. Moran any parent notes, field trip forms, book order forms, and collect fees from students.




    Librarians (2)

    These students will be in charge of straightening out the books on a daily basis in the classroom library and dusting the shelves. They will also be responsible for checking out books properly to students and collecting fines for any lost books. Must be organized.



    Floor Managers (2)

    These students will make sure that the floor around desks and classroom library are clean and all objects are off the floor. They will make sure that all materials are placed back in their proper place (this includes stations), and check that all chairs are put onto the desks at the end of the day. All students must help the floor managers by keeping their area neat and free of clutter. Students applying for this job must be kind and helpful to others.


    Rent Collectors (2)

    These students will be responsible for collecting rent once a month from each student in the classroom. They must keep a record of the money collected, and when each student has paid. They must give a receipt to show that the rent has been paid. These students are responsible to notify any student who has not paid rent by the 15th of each month. They will also charge a late fee for late payment. Students who apply for this job must be trustworthy and good at math.



    Mailmen (2)

    These students will put all graded papers into the correct mailboxes. They must be responsible so that the graded papers are placed in the correct mailbox. The mailmen are to tell students when to pick up their graded papers. If any student does not take their graded papers out of the mailbox within two days of it being placed, the mailmen will let Mrs. Moran know. Students must be trustworthy and not share grades with other students.



    Clerks (2)

    These students will assist the teacher or substitute teacher in a number of important ways. They will hand out and collect papers from each group. These students will collect fines from students daily and help hand out bonuses each day. Students who apply for this job must be trustworthy and responsible.



    Custodians (2)

    These students will help keep the classroom spotless by wiping down counters and common tables. They will make sure mailboxes and desks are kept clean. They will inform Mrs. Moran of any student who needs to clean out their mailboxes and desks. They will also need to erase the board at the end of each day, and they will clean it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These students must work well with others and be trustworthy.