Mrs. Najarian's Counseling Corner


    Madison Park Elementary 

    My name is Amy Najarian and I am the School Counselor this year at Madison Park Elementary  School. I wear many hats as my role of counselor.  I  conduct classroom lessons to all students throughout the year. Some of the topics that I will focus on will be conflict resolution, the difference between bullying and conflict, empathy, study skills, and coping with stress. I provide individial and small group counseling a.k.a. "lunch bunches". Students may be referred by their parents, teachers, or simply refer themselves by asking a teacher for a request to see me form. Sometimes it takes more than one visit with the counselor to help a student resolve an issue. If more than one visit is needed, I will contact the student's parents for written permission to see the counselor on an ongoing basis. I also schedule meetings with parents regarding 504's and RTI (response to intervention). I am the ABS, or anti-bullying specialist, who investigates any reports of possible harassment, intimidation, or bullying.  I play a very active role in our character education programs and service learning projects as well. Thank you for taking time to visit my page. Should you need to contact me, the best way is to email me at Also, you can call on my direct line (732) 360-4456 or simply call Ms. Cohen on the main phone # (732) 360-4485 to leave me a message.