What is RTI?

  • What is RTI?    

    RTI is a multi-step process of providing educational support and instruction to children who are struggling learners. Individual children’s progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention. RTI is most commonly used in addressing problems with reading and math but it can also used in other areas such as for behavioral concerns. 

    Who will be involved in RTI?

         The Response to Intervention Team (RTI) is a school-based support team which assists educators to plan and deliver interventions that accommodate the learning, behavioral and/or health difficulties of students whose needs are identified by staff or parents.   Through collaboration, support, action and monitoring, they seek to resolve identified problems.  

    Parents or guardians are involved in the development and implementation of the intervention plan.   You will be asked to provide input at the time when you are informed of the meetings, and you will receive a written copy of the intervention plan.  You will be notified of any referral plans to community-based social and health providing agencies.  If these are recommended, you may be asked to provide coordinated strategies at home to assist your child.


    The members of the RTI/I&RS Team will obtain important information related to your child’s needs.  They will meet to discuss his/her areas of strengths and vulnerabilities and will then creatively problem-solve and develop an intervention plan to address those areas in which he/she is experiencing difficulties in school.  The RTI/I&RS Team might also coordinate services of community-based social and health providing agencies.  They will review and assess the effectiveness of the interventions provided to achieve the outcomes identified in the intervention plan. The intervention plan will be modified, as appropriate, to achieve the desired outcomes. This will be done at a follow-up review meeting.