Test Taking Tips



    Test Taking Tips for Parents and Students




    REST – Go to bed early on testing nights.  Testing is stressful and getting a good night’s sleep will help students to think more clearly.


    EAT - Make sure to eat a good breakfast (not loaded with sugar) each morning.  Hungry children do not test well.


    RELAX – In the evenings, relax.  Don’t study.  Parents, this is the time that we can let our kids be a little laid back.


    LISTEN – Spend some time listening to your child.  Talking about the test and their day helps to lower stress.  The less stress a child has, the better they perform.


    LUNCH/RECESS SNACK – Please have a healthy snack for your child to munch on during testing breaks.  A piece of fruit, bag of pretzels, or a juice box are some suggestions.



    Our staff and students have worked very hard and I am confident that the Memorial Huskies will be very successful on the PARCC test.  All we need to do is our best and remember to believe in ourselves.