Reading and Education City

  • Reading together at home is the best activity for preparing your child to succeed academically.  When you read with your child , it sends them a clear message that READING IS IMPORTANT!  Even if your child is already reading on their own, it is still beneficial for you to read aloud to them by choosing books that are on their interest level.



    When you read aloud to your child, you help them develop listening skills and build their vocabulary.  You are also modeling rhythm, fluency and motivating them to improve their own reading skills.


     When you and your child read together, you can record the name of the book on your child's Reading Log and sign that you have completed the book.


     Education City is a great web-based program that contains lots of fun learning activities that will reinforce your child's learning inside the classroom and help him/her continue learning throughout the school year and over the summer. 


    You can access this great online resource at home.  In order to access Education City, you will need a unique student ID and password for your child, which is available from your classroom teacher.  Please note that this unique student ID and password will allow your child to access Education City from any computer with Internet access, as long as the latest edition of Adobe Flash player is installed on the computer.  The student ID and password will remain the same for the entire school year.


    Education City Web Site Address: