Why is it important to learn how to type?


    Keyboarding is an important technological literacy skill that is necessary for all students to learn in order to become productive citizens in a global and digital world. Here are 10 reasons why learning how to type is so important for students.

    1. Your concentration level will increase.

    2. Your eye-hand coordination will improve.

    3. Your spelling and proofreading skills will improve.

    4. Your accuracy, typing skills and speed will improve.

    5. Your writing skills will improve.

    6. You will save time in completing assignments.

    7. You will gain more confidence in using digital tools.

    8. You will become more proficient in using software
        applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and

    9. Your completed work will look professional.

    10.You will develop job-related skills that will increase
        your chances of being hired for employment.

    Remember to practice, practice, practice!

    You can do it!