Coding for Kids

  • Why should students learn how to code?

    Programming is a basic literacy in today's digital age. Learning how to code helps students develop logic, critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as nurture creativity and collaboration. Students will develop essential skills that will support success in any 21st century career path.

    Here are five websites that will provide students with coding activities, lessons, and courses. Use the related links list below to access each of the five websites. Have fun coding!

    1. Guided activities for elementary, middle, and high school students.
        Teachers can create student accounts for sequenced programming courses or
        students can work through individual activities as well. Free.

    Code Monkey: An online game that teaches students programming in a
        programming language called Coffee Script, for grades 2-5. Teachers can
        register their students for a free teacher trial account to Code Monkey.

    The Foos: A sequence of online activities that provides basic computer
        programming skills for grades K-2. Great for non-readers, since there are no
        words to read. Students can play an "Hour of Code" for free.

    Scratch: A programming language that teaches students in elementary,
       middle, and high school, (grades 3-12), how to program. Students can work
       on individual activities or teachers can create student accounts for free.

    Scratch Jr.: An introductory programming language that introduces basic
        programming concepts to students in grades K-2. Scratch Jr. is available only
        as a free app for both iPad and Android tablets in English as well as in
        Spanish. The website listed provides information about the Scratch Jr.