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    Reading Incentive Programs

    Get Charmed By Reading (Reading Log)

    All students at Memorial School were given the same reading log,   It is our hope that all students, this fall, will read 20 - 30 minutes daily, record their reading minutes on the log, and obtain a parent's signature.  Each time 3 pages are completed, for a total of 600 minutes, students can visit Mrs. Carrington's classroom and receive a colorful charm.  Students derive so much pleasure from reading great books and showing off their charms at school.  

    Battle of the Books

    This year, Memorial School is proud to kick off its fourth Battle of the Books' program.   America's Battle of the Books, ABB, is a reading incentive program for our students in grades 3-5.  Students read books and come together to demonstrate and test their knowledge of the books they had to read.  The objective of this program is to help students develop or build upon their love of reading.  The students are introduced to some classics as well as new literature.  The competition itself is based upon friendships, mutual respect and healthy competition. 

    To view the entire history of The Battle of the Books program, please visit:


    “The more you read,
    the more you know.  
    The more you know,
    the smarter you grow.
    The smarter you grow,  
    the stronger your voice, 
    when speaking your mind 
    or making your choice.”

     National Library Week