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    Reading together at home is the best activity for preparing your child to succeed academically.  When you make time in your busy schedule to read with your child it sends them a clear message- READING IS IMPORTANT!  Even if your child is already reading on their own, it is still beneficial for you to read aloud to them by choosing books that are on their interest level, but beyond their reading level.

    When you read aloud to your child you help them develop listening skills and build their vocabulary. You are also modeling rhythm, fluency and motivating them to improve their own reading skills!

    As you read, pause to ask your child comprehension questions to make sure they are understanding what you are reading. Here are some examples: 

    Who are the characters in the story?
    Where does the story take place?
    What is the problem in the story?
    How is the problem solved?
    Who is your favorite character? Why?
    How would you feel if you were a certain character?

    If your child is reading to you and they come to a word they do not know, here are some things you can say to help them figure it out:

    Get your mouth ready (make the beginning sound)

    Look at the picture clues

    Look for "chunks" inside the word (smaller words inside a larger word)

    Read the sentence without the word and think about what makes sense (use context clues)

    Make a guess, does it sound right?

     Click on the link to the Old Bridge Public Library to search for lists of books for your child.