• *************** HOMEWORK Information ***************

    -         Your child has a TAKE HOME FOLDER which is to be brought back to school every day.  It is labeled with a “Bring RIGHT back” side and a “to be LEFT at home” side.  Please check your child’s folder regularly for homework and notices.  Take out any papers that are on the “to be LEFT at home” side to keep the folder neat.

    -         Homework is assigned to reinforce classroom activities and to instill responsibility in students.  Your child will receive two homework assignments Monday-Thursday, one math practice and one language arts practice.  Please help by making sure homework is completed neatly.  Also, please check over the homework assignments after your child completes them and make corrections together.

    -         Your child will also bring a Poetry Journal home every day.  Please remember to return the journal to school every time it comes home.  We will continue to add poems as we work on them in class.  Encourage your child to practice reading the poems to you or with you regularly.  Poems will be added but always revisit old poems.  The children love to show what they know!