Investigation: Innovation - 4th Grade


    The “real world” is full of risk-takers who identified a need for change and explored opportunities beyond the norm to fill that need. Often they created something wonderful that we depend upon today. By learning about the innovators and innovations students enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills, communicate ideas and eventually develop leadership skills. They will use these skills to become innovators themselves and present their ideas at the Challenge Showcase.

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    MakerBot with TinkerPlay

    Action Figures Grade 4

    TinkerPlay 2

Engineering Challenge
Reading the Task Card
The First Recording Studio...Ever
Invention Factory
Research was the Key
The Famous Bed for Naps
Guided Tour with the Ranger
Gray Day in West Orange, NJ
Inventing in Teams
It was a Business Too
Talking Doll was a Failure
The Library

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