Scientist of the Week



    Welcome to our Science Page!

    This year we will be having

    our very own

    Scientist of the Week !


     Who will be our Super Scientist of the Week?







    Each week a different student from our class will have an opportunity to be our guest scientist.  He or she will prepare an experiment or demonstration to teach the class about any science concept.  The week before the student’s assigned day, he or she will take home our special “Scientist’s Kit”, which will include a folder with sample experiments. 

    The student may choose one of those ideas or come up with something on their own.  Experiments or demonstrations can be related to what we are studying in science, but that is not a requirement.  Students will practice at home and then come to school with the materials necessary to present the experiment to the class.  There are no specific guidelines.  However, students should be able to explain to the class what they did and what they learned.  Since we are learning about the scientific process, students need to complete the form enclosed in the folder. 


     Please make sure that you are not selecting an experiment that has already been demonstrated. 


     Most importantly, the student should have fun and learn something new!