Fun with Sight Words

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    Fun with Sight Words


    Paper Plate Toss: Write sight words on paper plates. Use like Frisbees to throw after reading the word.


    Tic - Tac - Toe: Write words in the tic - tac - toe spaces. Take turns selecting a space to read. If read correctly, an X or O is placed on the space until someone wins. 


    Word Hunt: Look for sight words in books, catalogs, or in the newspaper.  If using the newspaper, have your child highlight or circle the words that he/she finds. 


    Flashlight words: Turn off the lights. Tape words on the wall or ceiling. Use the flashlight to shine on the word then read.


    Make words using play dough. 


    Stepping stones: Place words on the floor and children walk over them saying the word as they go to get to the other side of the stream. 


    Make words using:

     letter tiles (scrabble or banana gram)


    alphabet stamps

    magnetic letters

    shaving cream