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    • Please feel free to send in or email any health updates on your child so we can update their record at any time. 
    • Please log in to your parent portal and review/update your emergency contacts each marking period or as numbers change. Be sure to list multiple emergency contacts in the event you cannot be reached. Have someone close to home available during school hours. A backup plan is needed for when a child needs to be sent home sick. 
    • No medications will be accepted without a doctors order. Cough drops are considered medication and need a doctor order.   
  • Please keep your child home for 24 hours AFTER they have expierenced vomiting or diarrhea. 

    If fever greater than 100 or above they should remain home from school for 24 hours AFTER they are fever free. 

    If  your child has a cold or upper respiratory infection and they are not able to cover their mouth and/or take care of  their own body fluids, they should not come to school.

    Your child will be sent home from school if they appear to be a hazard to the health of OTHERS and or if they are unable to function in class. 

    Just because your child does not register a fever does not mean they are not sick.

    If you think your child is sick please keep them home to observe them. 

    Encourage good hygiene habits:

    wash your hands

    cover coughs/sneezes

    use tissues and throw the tissues in the trash after use

    avoid close contact with sick people

    eat healthy

    get plenty of sleep

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