About Us

  • Jonas Salk Middle School is located on West Greystone Road in the most western portion of Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, and was opened in 1970 along with our sister school, Carl Sandburg Middle School. Jonas Salk himself dedicated the school in 1973 and was proud that our school bears his name.  We receive students from seven elementary schools within the district including Carpenter, Grissom, Miller, Shepard, Schirra, Southwood and Voorhees Elementary Schools.

    Our web site is growing and updated regularly by our own students in conjunction with staff members. Parents continue to play an important role in our children’s education, so our PTA is an active force in our daily routine. The Salk community has an excellent reputation in the Old Bridge educational system as our students achieve at high levels and the staff work tirelessly at making the middle school years both educational and enjoyable.

    A major source of pride at Jonas Salk Middle School is the number of extracurricular activities that are offered. Ten interscholastic sports teams and cheerleading, along with band, chorus, the school play, plus over forty club activities allow our students to become well-rounded.

    As our web site grows, you will be able to get information on staff, important dates and activities and what is going on in general at Jonas Salk Middle School. We look forward to your visit at Open House, Conference Night and special events.  Our main school telephone numbers are: (732) 360-4523, -4524, and -4525.

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