REACH Incentive Program


    JSMS R.E.A.C.H Incentive Program


    May 14-16, 2020

    This year we will be taking a THREE DAY TOUR of Boston! 

    Some attractions include:

    1. Salem Witch Museum
    2. A Tour of Fenway Park
    3. Haunted Ghost Tour of Salem
    4. Boston Duck Tours
    5. Freedom Trail
    6. Prudential Center Skywalk
    7. Admission to Six Flags New England

    The cost of the trip is $650 per student



    The Roadrunner R.E.A.C.H Student Incentive Program is proud to present the Jonas Salk Middle School’s Activities Handbook. This handbook contains the activities that are offered throughout the year by the staff of Salk School. Many staff members volunteer their time so that this activity program may take place.

    The Student Activity program at Salk School is based upon this concept: Rewarding Educational Achievements, Character & Hard work (R.E.A.C.H.). Student activities are an important part of one’s school experience. A good student activities program leaves a positive effect on a student’s self-esteem, aspirations, and values. Through the efforts of many faculty members, the students of Salk School have a wide array of activities from which to choose. There is something for everyone. The R.E.A.C.H. Program is an integral part of a student’s active role in Jonas Salk Middle School. This incentive program rewards students for becoming involved in their school. There are literary clubs, environmental clubs, community service clubs, etc. In addition to the traditional activities, the faculty of Salk School has gone one step further in creating an atmosphere for students that offers new, different and exciting opportunities for students outside of the classroom.


    Basic guidelines to follow in joining a club or activity:

    •Read through this booklet and choose some activities that interest you

    •Listen to lunch announcements and read the sign in the cafeteria for any information regarding the activities

    •Once you join the activity, carefully fill out the Advisor Sheet with the Advisor’s signature

    •If you have any questions about any of the activities, see Mrs. Nicole Hoelz, Student Activities, Rm113 or call 732-360-4527.


    Basic guidelines in filling out the R.E.A.C.H. checklist sheet:

    • Each activity, sport, award, or honor the student has participated in or received, requires the student's initials AND the advisor's initials for that activity in order to receive points
    • Points for honor roll and high honor roll are accumulated per marking period. 7th and 8th-grade students are eligible to receive points for honor roll or high honor roll from 4th marking period of the previous year.  For example, a 7th-grade student that received honor roll in 4th marking period of 6th grade and 1st and 2nd marking period of 7th grade would receive 18 points.
    • The student's guidance counselor can initial for students receiving honor or high honor roll. 
    • Total up the points and indicate the total amount on the bottom of the checklist. Be sure it adds up to 32 or more!
    • If you have questions about filling out the checklist see Nicole Hoelz, Student Activities Advisor, or speak to your guidance counselor.


    Take time to get to know what is going on around your school. Get involved and take an active role in Jonas Salk Middle School. Involvement in school activities will make your middle school experience a truly memorable one!


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