Student Assistance Program

  •  The purpose of the Student Assistance Program is to provide assessment, intervention and referral services to students and their families who are experiencing difficulties due to the following:


    • Substance abuse
    • Depression
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Family issues
    • Self-injury
    • Bullying/harassment
    • Gambling
    • Gender identity
    • Grief
    • Anger
    • And other issues


    The programs goal is to empower students to increase coping and decision making skills, build a stronger support system and enhance self-esteem.


    Your Student Assistance Counselors are:


    Rose Bornstein-Bedoya: LCADC, LPC, SAC Jonas Salk Middle School



    Lauren Piserchia:  LCADC, LCSW, SAC Carl Sandburg Middle School



    Jennifer McCann:  LAC, SAC Old Bridge High School  A-L

    732-290-3900 ext 3990


    Robert Waitt:  LPC, SAC Old Bridge High School  M-Z

    732-290-3900 ext 3850


    Renee Freel - SAC Old Bridge High School GNC

    732-290-3900 ext 3893


    • Please note that all information will be kept confidential per Federal  Confidentiality guidelines.