French Club

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    Meet:  Jonas Salk MS

               Cooking Room

    Rendez Vous: 3pm to 4pm

    Fee:  $5.00 per student


    Grade 6 students can join French Club from September to December

    Grade 7 students can join from January to April

    Grade 8 students can join all year.


    In French Club we have a great time, we cook crepes and have a chocolate fondue.  We celebrate the following holidays:  Noel, Mardi Gras, La St. Valentin and Pacques.  We listen to French music and watch French music video clips.  We play French ipad apps and French scrabble.  Every week we have a theme and we enjoy food and have a great time.  Please encourage your children to join.  It allows the students to interact, make friends and share the love for French.