Classroom News

  • Welcome to the News page!

    Be sure to play the States Game online to sharpen your U.S geography skills in case Mr. G gives another pop quiz in the future.

    If Mr. G assigns just a reading for homework, beware! You are accountable and responsible for the information read. There will always be some type of assessment (pop quiz usually) the next day!

     Want extra Credit?  You're not going to like it. 

    For 10 Extra Credit Project Points!......

    Find a picture that we either discussed in class or from our old textbooks. 

    Dress like and pose like that picture. 

    Put those 2 pics side by side and send it to Mr. Garrison at 

    Don't like it? Don't do it. Those are my terms. 

    Due by June 12th


    Okay Fine.... 1 more thing. 

    For 10 Extra Credit Test Points!

    Remember those posters explaining how to survive Mr. G's class ( ex. NO GLITTER!!!)

    Well it's your turn to warn the next generation!

    You will be awarded the full 10 points if your "How to Survive Mr. G's Class" Poster is colorful, Neat and honest (school appropiate humor is acceptable). 

    Poster Due..... June 14th.