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    Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!  This year you will learn about the founding of our country, how our government works, how a ragtag group of British colonies became a nation, the triumphs and missteps of our first Presidents, all the way up to our nation’s darkest hour – the Civil War.  I hope you enjoy studying history this year as much as I enjoy teaching it!

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    I am especially excited about the 2018-19 school year because my class is going digital! I've been training for this transition and I cannot wait to explore history with you using exciting tools like flipgrid, using systems like Microsoft 365 Teams, and so much more. I'm a student too this year! We're going to have so much fun while learning real-world skills. Awesome, right? 
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    One thing I ask is that you try to bring a set of earbuds/ear phones (not your good ones from home, just something inexpensive!) for your use this year. You probably did this in elementary school, but I'd like you to put them in a baggie with your name and homeroom on them. This way, if you lose them, we'll know who to give them to if we find them. I will have a few for class use. They are simple dollar-store headphones, which is all you need! 



    Required Materials


    • blue or black pen - EVERY DAY! Don't lose them! 
    • pencils (#2)
    • three hole punched notebook or loose leaf for your binder
    • folder
    • highlighter
    • three ring binder with divider tabs - if you cannot get one right away, that's ok. 
    • a cheap set of ear buds or ear phones in a baggie with your name and homeroom on it. 
    • It is the student’s responsibility to keep their binder and materials NEAT and ORGANIZED!


    Classroom Rules - Hey, we're all in this together and it only works when we're working together! 


      1. Respect one another and why we are here.
        1. No talking, raise your hand, etc.
      2. Participate, Listen, and Share.
      3. Come to class on time and fully prepared (mentally and with all materials and a pen/pencil).
      4. Absolutely NO put-downs.
    • Do your own work and your best ALWAYS!


    Extra note: Please –

    • NO GUM - Why not? It always ends up under my desks and someone usually puts their hand in a fresh one at some point. 
    • NO CANDY /FOOD - We'll be using expensive computers and I don't want to have to send home a bill because of a spill. Plus, there are allegrgies aplenty so we need to keep food in the lunchroom. 
    • We want to foster a culture of respect, so NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS please. Keep your head in the game and not on who is texting you. 



    Students who are absent from class are responsible for making up all class work and homework that they missed. Keep track of what you missed in class and your homework assignments on our 7-2 website or call a friend from class to see what you’ve missed.  On the day you return, see Mr. M for your copy of worksheets handed out while you were absent. It will be your responsibility to ask Mr. M for and pick up any assignment sheets/handouts that you missed.



    Let’s make this the best year yet!

     Social Studies