• What is expected of YOU:


    1.     T

    1. That you put the necessary time and effort in to your all of your academic assignments.

    2. That you complete your homework assignments every night. This means writing down your assignments before you leave each class every day!

    3. That you participate and ask questions, especially when you don’t understand something that we are studying, or if you need help.

    4. That you take the time to write neatly, so that anyone can read your work.

    5. That you take the time to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in all of your written assignments.

    6. That you treat each other as learners, all of whom will make mistakes from time to time. That’s okay, it’s part of being a good student.  So, there is no tolerance for put-downs or bullying.

    7. That you will come to class on time and start your do-now right away.

    8. That you will always bring your books, homework, and at least one pen and a pencil to class.

    9. That you take the time to be sure you have everything you need for each subject’s homework assignments before you go to PM homeroom.

    10. You will do you best, every day, to demonstrate that you are willing to do what it takes to be a success in life. Yes, it’s time to take your education seriously because it means the world to YOU.  You are responsible for YOUR actions.