What we do?

  • Purpose of the School Health Program

    To promote the maximum physical, social, emotional, and educational growth of children by providing, on school site, direct health services, health education, consultation for faculty and staff, and health promotion/prevention for staff and students.


    Goals Of the School Nurse

    1. Improve student academic achievement by intensifying school health services through a lower school nurse to student ratio, expansion of school health program components, and applying individualized interventions of identified health conditions or issue.                            
    2. Provide an on-going assessment and implementation of a Comprehensive School Health Program as defined by the Centers for Disease Control.                                                                              
    3. Prevent chronic health conditions from becoming a barrier to school success by consistently managing these conditions through improved communication and cooperation between the school staff, doctor's office, parent, student, and school nurse.  Children with identified chronic health problems will have a "care plan" developed so that the school staff can safely manage the student's medical condition while at school.  Reduce absenteeism of those students identified with a chronic illness, such as asthma or diabetes, when the absence is associated with that illness.                                                                                    
    4. Identify and resolve health issues that affect the ability of students to attain optimal health status and school success by ensuring age appropriate health screenings and follow up of referrals. The school nurses will assess the following areas: vision, hearing, physicals conducted by family physician and scoliosis. If any areas need to be addressed then a referral will be made or education will be provided to the student/family. All of these areas have a significant impact on a child's academic achievement.

    ü  Height, weight and blood pressures will be conducted on every student on a yearly basis.

    ü  Vision and hearing screenings will be conducted as per school health guidelines. 

    ü   Scoliosis screenings are conducted in the 7th grade and for students based on need.

    ü  School records will be reviewed for current immunization status and referrals made as needed. Those students who remain out of compliance with state immunization requirements will be excluded from school until they receive their required shots.