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    Jonas Salk Middle School World Language   


    The Old Bridge Schools, as well as the State of New Jersey, recognize the value of early language instruction.  Informed by national studies and recent research in language acquisition, we are aware of the many benefits of learning a second language at the earliest school age. 

    Benefits of world language study include: 

    • Language learning increases cognitive development.  Students experience improved reasoning, conceptualization, memory and listening skills. 
    • Greater academic achievement in other areas of study, including reading, social studies, mathematics and science. 
    • Higher SAT, American College Test (ACT) and other standardized tests, regardless of students’ ability level. 
    • The widespread use of world language in business, politics and recreation enhances the opportunities for people who combine other skills with proficiency in a second language. 
    • The longer a student is exposed to a second language, the greater language proficiency can be attained. 

    The primary goal of our world language program is effective communication.  We are in agreement with the State of New Jersey that all students should be able to communicate in at least one language in addition to English.  The study of culture is an integral part of world language learning as well. 

    The students will be actively involved in using the language by interacting with the teacher and their peers, and communication about topics that have meaning to them.   


    Keep in mind the following: 

    • Students will either receive O, S, NI or U as a grade during our cycle.  Our grade does affect their average so all work must be completed and submitted on time. 
    • They will be graded on their daily oral & written participation, do now, and projects. 
    • Students will be exposed to 5 languages and they are Spanish, Italian, French, German and Chinese. 
    • Students will take all 5 languages in 6th and 7th grade and decide at the end of 7th grade if they would like to continue their studies in one specific language in 8th grade all year.  

    We hope you enjoy your night and welcome to our world language program. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us with your questions or concerns. 

    Spanish:  Ms. Shari Hewes Shewes@obps.org

    Italian:  Mrs. Rosa MattinaRmattina@obps.org 

    French: Mrs. Chris AzerCazer@obps.org 

    German:  Mrs. Linda CostaLcosta@obps.org 

    Mandarin: Ms. Min Chen  Mchen@obps.org