'Math Is Life!'

  •    Welcome to Our Classroom Website


    I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way. There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. My goal is to make the website n

    ot just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for my students.

    There are several pages to our website:
    1. Classroom Necessities Page:  Here you will find a list of the required materials necessary for you to be prepared with everyday.
    2. Classroom Notes: This page contains files you can open to review notes on topics covered in class.
    3. My Homework:The homework page contains links to Math, Algebra, and Team Homework sites
    4. Links to Online Textbook, Videos, Resources: On this page you will find:  a link to our online textbook and the appropriate username and password; links to videos that review topics we discussed in class; a link to our vocabulary wiki where you can help create a vocabulary sheet we can all learn from; and other links as we continue through the year.
    5. My Forms: From time to time I will ask you to visit this page to answer simple surveys or maybe even to take a simple quiz.
    6. My Blog: This is our discussion page. Maybe you have a question or maybe I have a question.  Please continue to check this page out, maybe you have the answer and can help out a class mate. It might be a homework question or maybe something we discussed in class that you need clarified.  If you don't ask we won't know, so, Speak up!
    7. My Calendar: (Top Navigation Bar) The calendar posts school and team events I will include class events as they occur.

                                           email:  pwhitford@obps.org