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    Ida Tarbell
    1. What famous company did Ida Tarbell write about?




    2. What was significant about the owner of the company?




    3. Where did Tarbell's story first appear?

    Upton Sinclair
    4. What industry did Upton Sinclair write about?




    5. What legislation was enacted as a result of Sinclair's story?




    6. How many letters a day did Roosevelt receive after The Jungle was published?




    7. What was the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture?











    8. What happened at Seneca Falls on July 19, 1848?




    9. What was the first state to give women the right to vote?




    10. Who was the first woman admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court?




    11. What did Alice Paul organize in 1913?




    12. What did the House pass in 1918?




    13. What Constitutional Amendment gave women the right to vote?




    14. What was the last state to ratify the Amendment?

    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
    15. Why did the fire spread so quickly?




    16. What happened at the factory owners' trial?




    17. Why did so many people die in the fire?




    18. What legislation was enacted as a result of the fire?