• Prezi Instruction Sheet


    Prezi provides the same function as a PowerPoint, but in a cooler, more modern presentation.


    How to set up a Prezi Account:


    Step 1: Go to


    Step 2: Click on “Sign Up Now.”

    Step 3: Scroll down and select Go where it says “Student/ Teacher Licenses.”














    Step 4: Click “Free” in the Public Column.


















    Step 5: Complete the Registration page by submitting your information, checking the publishing agreement and pressing Register and Continue*


    * You will need an email address to set up an account. If you do not have an email address, please see your teacher for account information.


    Step 6: Click the “Learn Prezi Now” video option – Watch the video to learn how to use Prezi


    Step 7: When the video is done “X” out of it. Click on “Start Using Prezi Now”


    How to use Prezi:


    Step 1: Click “New Prezi”.

    Step 2: Type in a Title for your project as well as a brief description.  Then click “New Prezi.”



    Step 3: In the top left corner you will see your “Zebra” this is the command center for Prezi tools. This “Toolbar” will enable you to create your Prezi


    Step 4: Click on the “Colors & Fonts” to choose the design you would like to use on your Prezi. Click on the different one’s to see what they look like. When you like what you see, click the top left corner to regain access to the “Zebra” toolbar.




    Step 5: Write – You can click anywhere on the Prezi stage to incorporate writing. Designate if the information you typed is a Title, Sub-Title, or Body. Each one has different types of headings.











    Step 6: Once done typing, click out of the box then you can move the text anywhere you want. Double-clicking on the text will give you access to make changes to the text.


    Step 7: Pictures – Click “Insert” on the wheel. In order to upload pictures they must be saved to your computer. 














    The other option is to search the web directly through Prezi. Type in the search word, hit search, and scroll through the images. Select OK when you find the image you want to use.

    Step 8: To adjust the size of the image, click on the center until you see the “Zebra”. Click and hold down the second ring and move your mouse to expand or shrink the image. When you like what you see, click the top left corner to regain access to the “Zebra” toolbar.









    Step 9: Frame – Click “Frame” on the wheel. Choose how you would like to frame words or images together or alone to give them emphasis. Clic