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    World War 1 Scavenger Hunt                                     Period                                                 






    1.  Causes of W. W. 1

    List four of the main causes of the Great War.  LOOK UP THE ANSWER IN GOOGLE. 



    2.     The Assassin Strikes!     

    On what day in 1914 was the Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo?



    3.  The First To Declare War      

    Which nation was the first to declare war? 



    4.  Posters from the Great War

    Type “original Uncle Sam army poster” in GOOGLE images.  What is the poster trying to get people to do?      



    5.  U-Boats Assassins of the Seas

    Read the brief description of the sinking of the Lusitania at the bottom of the page. What is your opinion? Did the Germans have a right to sink the ship? Explain why or why not.



    6.  Wartime Cartoons

    In one of these propaganda cartoons, who are the German soldiers shown executing?



    7.  Thumbnail Bio

    What was the nickname of Manfred von Richthofen?



    8.  The Great War - Interviews

    According to the author, what was the first thing one noticed about the trenches?



    9.  The Germans Become Desperate     

    On February 1, 1917, Germany resumed what policy? It would result in drawing the U.S. into the war.



    10.  Slang

    What was the meaning of the slang term "Fritz" during the Great War?



    11.  Russia Quits!     

    What was the name of the March 3, 1918, separate treaty that took Russia out of the Great War?



    12.  U-Boats On Patrol with U 35

    (View the entire sequence) What did the U-boat use to sink the neutral merchant ship?



    13.   Guns

    What was the nationality of the designer of the German's Maxim machine gun (MG-08)?



    14.  Troops

    What was the nickname of the American 369th Regiment?



    15.  Trenches on the Web - Timeline

    a. Which nation mobilized the most soldiers?


    b. Which nation suffered the greatest number of soldiers killed?


    c. How many U.S. soldiers were wounded?


    d. (Photo) How many surviving British soldiers became amputees?


    e. Which nation had the highest percentage of wounded soldiers among its total mobilized forces?



    16.  Movies

    What was the title of the 1941 film in which Gary Cooper played a World War I hero?



    17.  Over There    

    According to this popular war song’s “Chorus,” who would be coming “over there” to Europe to fight in the war? (Hint: it was slang for “Americans.”)






    18.  Revolution in Russia      

    Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks (Communists) when they overthrew the Russian monarchy and took control of Russia’s government?



    19.  Lost Battalion   

    Of the 550 men in the Lost Battalion, how many were killed in action in the Argonne Forest?



    20.  The Fighting Ends     

    What was the original name for the day of remembrance we now call “Veterans’ Day,” honored each year on November 11?



    21.  President Wilson’s Plan  

    What was the name for President Wilson’s series of proposals for peace in Europe at the end of World War 1?



    22.  The Big Four   

    Which one of the members of the Big Four was nicknamed “The Tiger”? He badly wanted to punish Germany for its part in World War 1.



    23.  Seeking a Peaceful Future   

    What was the name of the organization that President Wilson proposed in his 14th Point? Its purpose would be to prevent future wars.



    24.  The Seeds of World War 2    

    What was the name of the corporal who served in World War 1 and would one day lead Germany into World War 2?