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    Directions: use this website to answer the questions. Follow the links listed in each question to complete this assignment:


    Go to.

    1.What did Mark Twain mean when he said the opening quote?
    2.What extravagant gift did Mrs. Stuyvesant buy her dog for a party?
    3.Describe the stratification (difference in classes) of American Society in the Gilded Age. 4.What specific groups were in the lowest part of Society?
    5.Describe “Political Machine” (search on internet if you need help).
    6.Why did immigrants turn to political machines?


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    1. How many strikes/lockouts occurred in the 1880s?

    2. In __________, the State Militia fired on strikers, killing 11 and wounding 40.

    3. What was governmental policy toward strikes?

    4. What did laborers do in response to the hard line taken by factory owners and the government?

    5. _________ owned Pullman Car Company and slashed workers’ wages and raised rent, which resulted in the workers going on strike.

    6. What is the result of the labor-owner clashes?

    Gilded Age Webquest

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    Read through Millionaires Row and check out the houses of the wealthy industrialists -- it must be


    1. What street in New York City became the most magnificent street in the world?

    2. What two “Robber Barons” worked out of Pittsburgh?

    3. Why did Frick build his mansion?

    4. The Astros could host ______ people in their ballroom.

    5. Copy and Paste a picture of the “Vanderbilt Chateau.”

    6. What member of the Vanderbilt family led the building of the Metropolitan Opera House?

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    1. How much did it cost the Carnegie family to come to the US in 1848?

    2. ____________ hired Carnegie to work for him and became his mentor, calling him “my boy Andy.”

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    21. Summarize the theory put forth by Spencer in his philosophy of Social Darwinism:


    Gilded Age Webquest

    Analysis Question: Using what you learned in class and from this Webquest write a well thought paragraph (5-7 sentences) to answer the following question (4 Points)

    22. What is the main cause of all the turbulence of the Gilded Age? Explain: