Spanish American War Hunt

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    Spanish American War Scavenger Hunt                     Period                                                 






    1. What was the name of the captain of the U.S.S. Maine?




    1. What was the capital city of Cuba?




    1. What was the name of the American consul’s famous uncle?




    1. Who was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy?




    1. Why did Commodore Dewey order the painting of the Great White Fleet?




    1. What color was the Great White Fleet painted?




    1. What man liked to think of himself as the George Washington of the Philippines?




    1. How many American men lost their lives during the Spanish American War?




    1. How many Americans perished from diseases such as malaria and dysentary during the war?




    1. How many months did we fight in the Spanish American War?





    1. How long did we fight with the Philippines after the Spanish American War was over?




    1. Give the name of a yellow journalism paper.




    1. The Ninth and Tenth Cavalry were made up of all            troops.




    1. What was the first newspaper to introduce comics?




    1. Who said, You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”?




    1. Who was the leader of the Rough Riders?




    1. Who was second in command of the Rough Riders?




    1. What disease plagued Theodore Roosevelt as a child?




    1. Roosevelt returned, the hero of the war.  Roosevelt memorabilia filled shop windows.  One of the more popular items was what?




    1. What Spanish sport did the Captain of the Maine find to be barbaric?